UPDATE: Sheila Smith Abandons County Clerk Recount

From the home page of Sheila Smith's official campaign website:

Nov. 28, 2008
Recount update:

I want to share with you all that we have done about considering to file for a recount. Our volunteers and staff interviewed city clerks, we met with the Democratic committee certification canvassers, talked to Oakland Co. election officials, interviewed those who phoned in election day polling problems and spoke to community clerks who had problems with the ES&S M-100 tabulators prior to election day and audited 30 precincts polling books after the vote was certified. We also consulted with statisticians, candidates who in the past were in extremely tight races, legal scholars experienced with recounts and dozens of involved politicians.

BREAKING: Recount in Oakland County Clerk's Race!!

On Wednesday morning, I posted a diary called The Word from Michigan in which I summarized the more noteworthy election results from here in Oakland County and the rest of the wolverine state.

For the most part, we had good news to report--in addition to wins in MI-09 (Gary Peters) and MI-07 (Mark Schauer), we also passed Prop 1 (medical marijuana) and Prop 2 (stem cell research). More amazingly, we were able to take out a sitting state Supreme Court Justice, Cliff Taylor. We even picked up 8 or 9 state house seats, increasing our majority. Hooray for us!

Locally, Oakland County Democrats also had a pretty good night--all six of the county-wide elected positions (Executive, Prosecutor, Sheriff, Treasurer, Clerk, Drain Commissioner) had been held, up until now, by Republicans for a long, long time. That changed on Tuesday, with my own State Representative, Andy Meisner, winning Oakland County Treasurer and former Appeals Court Justice Jessica Cooper winning Oakland County Prosecutor.


DFA Meetup Wednesday November 5, 2008

The Meetup on Wednesday is supposed to include a call from DFA National at 8 pm or at 10 pm. I am not sure how to do this at the Borders Coffee Shop. If someone has a better place to meet to join the call please let me know.

Steering Jim

Who to Vote for 2008

Hello all!

Just a few thoughts on this day before the election 2008.

We could sure use a few more organizers in Wayne and Macomb spearheading our efforts to identify the good progressive candidates in those counties.

As for Oakland I have the following suggestions.

Barack Obama, Carl Levin, Sandy Levin, Bob Alexander, Gary Peters (Endorsed Locally and by National DFA!), and the 11th District Dem guy!

Also all your Dems for State House Races.

For County levels - Brenda Lawrence for county executive, Andy Meisner for treasurer (a former DFA endorsed candidate and a current special DFA guy!)
Also for Prosecutor Jessica Cooper.
For Oakland Clerk - Sheila Smith! Our DFA Endorsed Candidate! She's awesome!

For MI Supreme Court - Diane Hathaway. See www.justice4michigan.org to learn a lot more!

For Oakland Co Circuit Judge - Mary Ellen Brennan. Just vote for the one! Gorzyca and Anderson are right wing radicals.

For Oakland Probate Judge - Mark Frankel

For Oakland Community College - Shirley Bryant and Carlyle Stewart.
For Oakland Community College Partial Term - Thomas Sullivan

Proposal 1 and 2 - Yes
Oakland Co Proposal - No

Hope this helps someone!

Steering Jim

Meetup Canceled for October 1, 2008.

Looks like we'll resume meetups next month. Folks seem too busy to RSVP for meetup this time of year!

Don't forget to flip your ballot and vote all the way to Hathaway! And Mary Ellen Brennan for Circuit Judge in Oakland County! And Mark Frankel for Probate Judge in Oakland County!

Steering Jim

Join Peace Activists at McCain Rally in Sterling Heights Friday Sept 5, 2008 4 pm

Sent: Wed, 3 Sep 2008 5:57 pm
Subject: please read and join us

Given what we saw in Minneapolis/St Paul last weekend, it would be good to show
we can't be intimidated from speaking out against the war. Pass it on. jg

This from 11th Hr:

At least two newspapers will be covering this peace protest. When was the last
time we held a peace rally and the media showed up? Please help make this a big
statement by rallying attendance from your group and coming yourself. We could
number 1000 people if we wanted. If I have reached the national headquarters,
please contact your southeast Michigan local people. Carol C.
11th Hour for Peace



Peace Protest @ McCain Rally
Freedom Hill Sept. 5 at 4PM

John McCain and Sarah Palin will hold a rally in Sterling Heights the day after
McCain accepts the nomination for president.

Tuesday August 26, 2008 is Women's Equality Day. Help promote.....

Tuesday, August 26th, Women's Equality Day, celebrate 88 years of voting rights! Promote pay equity, contraceptive equity, and access to health care for kids and families! This message sent to you by MI Planned Parenthood. For more information:

Planned Parenthood Affiliates of Michigan
Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan

View the ad; Be inspired!

View the ad by the Oregon Democratic Party and be inspired. It aired at the opening of the DNC convention.


Steering Committee Jim


This is the year for CHANGE! If you can't feel the energy and excitement in the air just look around! Wake up and pay attention! Haven't you noticed there aren't nearly so many of those "Support the Troops" magnets on the car in front of you. They must have all lost their magnetic stick! People need help visualizing their troops getting on a plane and leaving Iraq! No one wants to envision our troops in Iraq for 100 more years! (Even if they are there as an McCain occupying force!) Obama knows several things on this topic like 1) Troops can't be in Iraq and not get shot at, 2) The only reason we're not seeing more violence is that we are paying off the leaders in Iraq. We have made no progress at building a democracy in Iraq. 3) We can't afford 100 more years in Iraq at the current rate of millions of dollars per month! McCain is not realistic and out of touch with American voters.

Do you or someone you know need to register to vote or check your registration?

Check out this website Promoted by Rock the Vote and Powered by Credo Mobile. www.registertovoteonline.com
You can also check out www.iwantovote.com to get help with almost anything related to voting registration including updating your information, registering to vote, and checking on your status.

This information made available to you thanks to Laura P. at www.neworganizing.com. Laura presented at Democracy Fest 2008. www.democracyfest.net

Steering Committee Jim

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