Help a terrific activist in Vermont!

In the progressive state of Vermont, they have a three party system, Republican, Democrat, and Progressive. Yes, Vermont truly is leading the world in progressive thinking! One local activist is answering the call of Howard Dean to run for office. After years of street protesting, picketting, writing letters, and phone calling her elected officials of all parties, Ellen Garneau finally decided the way to get progressive change was to run for office herself. She's now running for State Rep against the republican incumbent! There is no Democrat in the race so it's Ellen against the incumbent! Ellen has a very progressive vision on keeping jobs in America, securing affordable costs for living in the areas of food costs and heating fuels, work for green energy both in buying and producing, and providing affordable healthcare for all! Ellen is a lifelong advocate for equal rights for all. She firmly believes that the government has no business or right to know what is happening next door or in your own home. If you want to be a part of Ellen's campaign for change you can support her with up to $2000 per individual at Go now, before the election of November 2008!

This candidate was a passionate excellent presenter at the 5th Annual Democracy Fest!

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Inspire People to Vote for YOUR Candidate! Show up on their door!

Studies show that conversations win elections! Voters are impressed when someone shows up on their doorstep to have a conversation about why you feel they should support your candidate. Are you helping your favorite candidate with their door-to-door campaign? It doesn't matter so much that you don't say it right or your not a perfect speaker. What makes the biggest impression is showing up! Just like Howard Dean said, one of the ways to take back your country is to SHOW UP! Participate! Are you doing all you can for the candidate you love? If not consider volunteering for their door-to-door voter contact program!

It's fun, great exercise, and you learn so much about the neighborhoods in Metro Detroit!

This message brought to you from Democracy for America training! You can learn more at

Join the DFA Community at

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What's YOUR elevator speech?

Imagine you are a lowly employee on the company food chain. One day while getting on the elevator the CEO gets on the elevator with you. You have 30 seconds to 2 minutes before the elevator reaches the top floor. It's your big opportunity to tell the CEO your terrific idea and get noticed. What will you talk about? How will you say it?

Think of your voters as the CEO of your company. What are you going to share with them? Why should they vote for your candidate? Why should they go to the polls on election day when they're busy with their daily lives? How can you say what you need to say in 30 seconds and still be clear AND motivational? Remember to sell them on the benefits of voting for you! No one votes for features. People vote because of the benefits!

Work on your elevator speech today! Tell everyone why you are supporting your favorite candidate!

This helpful tip brought to you courtesy of Democracy Fest! (

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Once again the 5th Annual Democracy Fest was excellent! Kudos to the organizers!

The Democracy Fest in Dulles, Virginia (August 15-17, 2008) was another terrific time for those who attended. It was educational and refreshing. I enjoyed meeting other progressives from around the country. There were great trainings and ideas shared on things like organizing, delivering your message, and working with internet resources. The evening program was awesome with Howard Dean motivating the crowd to their feet. Howard was energizing as ever! The program included many other talented entertainers as well and a great time of drink and partying was had by all!

I hope you will attend next years convention as it's being considered for Chicago or Burlington, VT! No matter the way the voting comes out, it's gonna be a great trip for anyone in Metro Detroit and Michigan as well! Plan to attend!

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Democracy Fest is Coming to Dulles, Virginia! August 16/17 2008

Hope you attend!

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Let the Election Season Begin!

Congratulations to all the Progressive Candidates who ran for election this Primary season! We're very happy that you did run and we're thankful for all that you did!

A few updates, for you all. First there is a meetup Wednesday August 6, 2008 at the Borders Books Coffee Cafe Upstairs. Come out and get energized for November. It's time to renew your commitment to meetups! Have a cool drink in a cool environment!

Next up you should check out the homepage for the new Paris Hilton video story and link! It's a must see.

Also breaking news on Camp Millie Macomb-Oakland, the training camp for progressive candidates and volunteers. Learn how you can be the most effective volunteer possible this election year! Candidates everywhere have been signing up too! But the best news of all is that this Camp MIllie is totally free! Thanks to wonderful sponsorships! Sign up today as space could be limited! Go to now.

Finally, you are interested in restoring some balance to the Michigan Supreme Court this election year? Sign up for the Supreme Project at

Time to Get Active!

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Attend Camp Millie Macomb-Oakland this August 9/10, 2008

The Price is Right for the Progressive weekend Michigan weekend training! Thanks to generous sponsorships the Camp MIllie is FREE this weekend.

Sign up at

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Help Change the Michigan Supreme Court this Election Season 2008!

Sign up to tell all your friends and neighbors about the imbalance on the MI Supreme Court and what they can do to fix it this election!

Sign up for the Supreme Project at

Make double use of your door-to-door time and watercooler discussions! Talk about the back of the ballot!

Volunteer at for the Supreme Project!

It's really import and a fun thing that every progressive activist and democratic organizer should be supporting!

Did I mention it's called the Supreme Project?

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Congratulations to all of the Progressive folks who ran for office this primary season!

Wish you all could have won!

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